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More choices and zombies in The Walking Dead's 400 Days

In a cramped makeshift theater at E3 today, representatives of Telltale Games showed off playable sections of the company's forthcoming "400 Days" DLC for The Walking Dead.

The download offers five stories, each centered on different characters situated in the environs of a Georgia truck-stop. 400 Days' timeline straddles events in the first series, and connects with Season 2. Decisions made in Season 1 do affect the DLC, and decisions made in the DLC carry over to Season 2, although it is possible to play any elements of the story independently of one another.

The five stories, taken together, are about equal in length to a single episode of The Walking Dead. They can be played in any order and, according to a spokesperson for Telltale, "you can then figure out how they all connect with each other, like Pulp Fiction." The spokesperson refused to be drawn on questions of whether familiar characters would appear in the stories, but said that it "might be true ... who knows?"

Telltale's demo today followed a character called Vince who finds himself on the wrong side of the law. In true Telltale-style, he has to balance protecting himself with trying to keep associates on his side, before making tough decisions that have unpleasant consequences all round.

400 Days will be launched in July, priced at $4.99, for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, iOS and Mac, or bundled with Season 1 for Vita.

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