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The Order: 1886 development was in limbo until the release of PS4 kits

The development of The Order: 1886 was in limbo for "years" before the release of PlayStation 4 dev kits, Ready At Dawn creative director Ru Weerasuriya told Polygon today.

The studio, which is known best for its work on PlayStation Portable titles for the God of War series, began creating the concept behind the game's world years before it eventually entered into development; however, according to Weerasuriya, last generation hardware was not capable of achieving the ambitions the studio had for the single-player action adventure title.

"The studio is known best for the PSP God of War releases"

The Order: 1886 takes place during the post-industrial revolution, in an alternate history where humanity is in the midst of a battle against preternatural entities. While gameplay details aren't being made public just yet, Weerasuriya acknowledged that what appears to be co-op combat in the game's recently revealed trailer does in fact hint at what users could expect later down the line.

While this will be the studio's first IP, Weerasuriya described the development of the title on PS4 and the team's experience developing on PSP as "very similar."

"Ultimately you don't change your thinking when developing for one system or another," he said. "Your thinking is you maximize what is capable on the PSP or PS4 hardware. The PSP was actually very powerful."

The Order: 1886 is also written by Weerasuriya. The title's PS4 release is yet to be dated.

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