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Pacific Rim director del Toro considers large-scale game adaptation, talks about the BioShock Infinite 'mindfuck'

Robots vs. monsters, what's not to like?

Pacific Rim director — and self-avowed gaming fan — Guillermo del Toro says that he'd like to work on a large-scale video game adaptation of the film, if it sees a successful release.

Speaking at a Qualcomm-sponsored E3 screening of new footage from the film, del Toro briefly mentioned the upcoming downloadable game version of Pacific Rim currently being crafted by Yuke's. But he said he was also interested in a more fully-fledged Pacific Rim gaming experience.

"We are thinking if, God willing, the movie connects with an audience to create a game properly and take proper time, three years minimum, to create a video game that can expand the world," he said. "When you think about other mediums, the mistake Hollywood makes, I think, is to think of these things as a concept that was 1980s, which was ancillary product. In reality, however modest the multimedia thing may be, it should be trans-media.

"BioShock Infinite. It's such a great mindfuck."

"It should really be completing the world that you created in one medium in another. I will do it hand-made in the sense that I would get involved in every stage of it, in the same way that the comic book of Pacific Rim was created with very intense supervision because 99 percent of the time, comic books tied to movies are shit. So if you want it to be good, you have to be on it. The game would be the same."

del Toro's last gaming project, Insane, was halted after being cancelled by THQ, which closed soon after. In January, he told the Toronto Sun that he was in talks with a developer to continue the project.

Though his development career may be on hiatus, del Toro hasn't stopped gaming.

"Two days ago, my daughter and I finished — she finished it before me — Infinite, BioShock Infinite. It's such a great mindfuck. It's also beautiful and I think, obviously, Levine always has such beautiful cross-cultural references, like Comstock and the Civil War and all that, I have to explain them to my daughter — I don't explain Comstock, that's a little heavy. I did explain, you know, he's a puritan guy, blah, blah, blah. I love the richness of those worlds. He's one of the best world creators in any of the visual forms, period."

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