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Turbine talks about the process of picking through DC history for Infinite Crisis roster

When incorporating new characters and skill sets for Infinite Crisis, Turbine first works to figure out how a character should make the player feel while they play them, executive producer Jeffrey Steefel told Polygon during an interview at E3.

The game incorporates Multiverse dopplegangers of each character, expanding options even further. Once they've located the character's core concept, they accent one aspect of their personality. Nightmare Batman is an "urban predator" at his best, and in Infinite Crisis that trait is exponentially increased, Steefel said.

"They all have very diverse personalities and skills sets and power set, but they still feel like who they are," Steefel said. "You build that skill kit around them, and you make that skill kit as fun and tight to play as you can. You try to make sure that you at least have a core experience that's fun to play."

According to Steefel, MOBAS's require "very exciting, diverse" characters to fill its roster with, making DC's lengthy catalogue of characters the ideal choice.

"The minute we started talking about not just DC, but the DC multiverse, it was basically a match made in heaven," Steefel said. "For example, now we live in a world where we can have Green Lantern, but we can have Arcane Green Lantern. We can have Atomic Green Lantern, [who's from] a post-apocalyptic Mad Max kind of world."

Infinite Crisis is currently still in closed beta. The game now features 13 to 14 characters, but Turbine expects that number to grow through the game's beta and release. Eventually, they plan to have hundreds of DC characters.

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