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Rune Factory 4 trailer contains anime, J-pop, love confessions and evil trees

Publisher Xseed has released a new trailer for Neverland's Rune Factory 4, the first installment in the series to come to Nintendo's 3DS.

In this trailer, we're introduced to the two player characters: Prince Lest and Princess Frey, who are commanded to protect the people of the land of Selphia.

The Rune Factory games are a spin-off of Neverland's Harvest Moon series, and feature many of the same elements, revolving heavily around romance and managing the player's farm. As shown in the trailer, the series differs from Harvest Moon in the addition of combat and dungeon-crawling, with the player taking on foes like evil undead trees and gigantic sheep.

Rune Factory 4 will release on Nintendo 3DS this summer in North America.

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