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Hands-on with Eve Online developer's Oculus Rift VR dogfighting game

Hands-on with EVR

CCP Game's Oculus Rift-supported space dogfighting proof-of-concept, EVR, runs at more than 60 frames per second and has been designed so that nausea is not an issue for users, according to its developers.

Polygon went hands-on today with the three-minute demo, which was originally announced at CCP's Eve Fanfest in Reykjavik, Iceland, back in April and was developed on the developer's personal time.

The experimental project was made in seven weeks and is an arcade-style multiplayer space shooter in a similar vein to Wing Commander. Donning the Oculus Rift headset, we were transported into a spaceship's cockpit where we were shot from a vessel into space (set in the same universe as Eve Online and Dust 514) to fire lasers and missiles at enemies in a three on three open space battle. The Oculus Rift headset allowed us to control the camera by moving our head and we were able to see the details of the cockpit no matter where we turned — the developers even included legs and feet, so when we looked downward we didn't see phantom limbs. The demo also took advantage of the Oculus Rift's three-axis motion tracking, which allowed us to target enemies by moving our head to look at them.

The experience was immersive with very low latency, and the quality of the image had improved significantly from when we saw the headset back in March. Sitting in the virtual cockpit was also less of a disorienting experience than expected.

EVR's developers told Polygon that while there are no immediate plans to flesh EVR into a standalone game or to integrate it into CCP's existing portfolio of games, the studio plans on continuing to work on the project to see where it goes.

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