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Wii Party U introduces tabletop gaming to GamePad

Wii Party U's modes

Nintendo's upcoming party game, Wii Party U, features several game modes, one of which allows players to play tabletop games on the Wii U's GamePad.

Wii Party U will allow players to access a minigame mode, which contains a collection of traditional party games similar to those found in titles like Wii Party, Mario Party and Fortune Street, a tabletop mode that uses the GamePad exclusively and a brand new house party mode where the focus is on the player using the GamePad.

In one house party game we played called 'Name That Face', we were given a description that we had to act out using our face and take a picture of ourselves doing so with the GamePad. The descriptions ranged from "Your tongue can talk" to "Calling a goose." After taking a photo, the image would appear on the television screen where the other three players — using their Wii remotes — would have to quickly select from a multiple choice screen which face we were trying to pull. The player who guessed the correct answer in the least amount of time would score points.

In another house party game called 'Lost and Found Square,' the player holding the GamePad had to describe the location of an object on a map to the other players so they could pinpoint where it was on the television screen.

Wii Party U will release later this year after recently being delayed.