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New Super Luigi U remodels 82 courses to be shorter but harder

Luigi's shorter, harder levels

New Super Luigi U upcoming downloadable content for New Super Mario Bros. U — will remodel all 82 courses to be shorter but more difficult, according to Nintendo's general manager of EAD Software Development, Takashi Tezuka.

Tezuka has been credited on games like the original Super Mario Bros. where he was assistant director and designer, the original Legend of Zelda on which he was director, designer and writer and, most recently, New Super Mario Bros. U. Speaking to Polygon, he said that when his team began working on DLC for New Super Mario Bros. U, it wanted to do something different and change what people think of DLC.

"Most people think of downloadable content as just an add-on to a game — in Japanese you say 'add-on content,'" he said. "But New Super Luigi U is such a large-scale thing — it's like a completely different game. It was our idea to change what DLC is."

New Super Luigi U contains all 82 courses from the base game that have been overhauled to be harder. Tezuka told Polygon that because the game is for everyone, the team decided to balance the difficulty by making the courses shorter to encourage players to keep trying.

New Super Luigi U will release as DLC on the Nintendo eShop in June, or as a slightly more expensive boxed release in August. You can view the game's official E3 trailer here.

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