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Pokémon X & Y trailer reveals your new best friends and the first gym leader

A new trailer and batch of images from Nintendo reveal some new Pokémon as well as new human characters in the upcoming Pokémon X & Y.

The trailer shows the player's character navigating a large spiderweb in the Santalune City gym, the first gym they will encounter in the region of Kalos. At the end of the spiderweb they face off with gym leader Viola, a shutterbug with a passion for Pokémon photography. The trailer introduces new Bug-type Pokémon that can presumably be found in Viola's arsenal: Scatterbug and its defensive-oriented evolved form Spewpa; its final evolution, the butterfly-like Vivillon, was revealed earlier this week.

Though not ostensibly part of Viola's team thanks to their differing types, the trailer reveals two more Pokémon: the Fire/Normal-type lion Litleo, and the newly-introduced Fairy-type Flabébé, which chooses to live upon a flower that it will care for its entire life.

Aside from Viola, the trailer and accompanying artwork and screens introduce some new characters, like Viola's older sister Alexa, a journalist who meets the player in Santalune City. We're also introduced to the player's characters' set of friends in their hometown of Vaniville Town: The energetic Shauna, the studious and competitive Trevor, and the easily distracted dancer Tierno. The fourth friend differs depending on whether or not players have chosen a male or female character; both Serena and Calem live next door to the player and dream of nothing more than being the very best Pokémon trainer, like no one ever was.

Pokémon X & Y hit Nintendo 3DS on Oct. 12.