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A Very Special Besties Videocast: E3 2013

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The Besties returns to its original competitive format for this very special video episode.

Shot on the Los Angeles Convention Center show floor on the final day of E3 2013, the Besties gang summon what energy remains to fight in a battle royale for the Best Besty of E3 2013. The stakes are great; the friendships are greater.

While I think you'll love our bloodthirsty debates about the best games of the conference, I am most excited for you to watch the halftime show. The Polygon video team and Editor-in-Chief Chris Grant outdid themselves, organizing something special for our viewers. I won't spoil it for you.

Due to the visual nature of this episode, we won't be posting an audio podcast this week. But worry not, friends. We'll be back next week with that sweet Besties audio juice, ready to quench your thirsty ear mouths.

Theme song by Ian Dorsch

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