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Bandfuse: Rock Legends will right the wrongs of Rocksmith

Realta's instructional guitar and bass title Bandfuse: Rock Legends has been in development for more than three years placing its development progress before the release of Ubisoft's similarly instructional Rocksmith and according to game director Jon Heiner this is how it's possible for the game to overcome some of the many technical issues of its Ubisoft counterpart.

Speaking to Polygon, Heiner described the evolution of music games beginning in the era of plastic guitars and rhythm titles to the more technically capable instructional releases. "As beyond Rocksmith was to Guitar Hero, Bandfuse is beyond Rocksmith."

The studio has worked to successfully avoid the problems that reared their head in Rocksmith -— the biggest issue being latency that created a slight but noticeable disconnect between what the user was playing and what was being shown on screen.

Realta's team includes former Guitar Hero lead guitarist Marcus Henderson, a critically acclaimed heavy metal guitarist who previously worked alongside Simon Stinger and in the band Hellbillys. It won't be surprising that the result is a setlist for the palate of Guitar Hero fans of yore: Blue Oyster Cult, Judas Priest, Pantera, Rush, The Strokes, among others.

Bandfuse allows for up to four players on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and will be available in three packs. The first, Bandfuse Artist Pack is a basic pack featuring a quarter-inch guitar jack, acoustic guitar adapter, headphone extension and the game itself for $69.99. The Bandfuse Band Pack also includes a multi-instrument hub, two guitar jacks and a microphone for $79.99. A Guitar Pack will also be available, which comes with everything available in the basic pack in addition to a Fender Squier guitar for $199.99.

Bandfuse is scheduled to launch fall 2013.

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