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Randall is a downloadable action platformer coming to Xbox 360 and PC

We the Force Studios, a new developer based out of Mexico, will make its gaming debut with Randall, a downloadable action platformer for Xbox 360 and PC.

Speaking with Polygon at E3, CEO and founder Cesar Ramirez Molina said that the game's titular character lives in a futuristic dystopia where a crystal-like mineral has infected the minds of its inhabitants. While the mineral increases the fear of others and makes them docile and easily manipulated, it gives Randall the power to read people's minds. Although he doesn't want his newfound power, Randall will have to use it to stop an evil corporation from overtaking the world.

The game will be choice-heavy, Molina told us, and include multiple endings based on those choices. Randall is still in early development and not yet playable, but Molina told us the game will include several kinds of levels. Players will explore the world of Randall's childhood and battle mind-controlled island inhabitants. Additionally, there are special levels that require Randall to get inside the head of specific characters. According to Molina, these levels will be more platform and puzzle heavy.

Randall will be about five hours long and could also release on the Xbox One, Molina said. Check out the trailer above for a look at the game's story.

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