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Daylight is a procedurally generated horror title with a technology-based twist

Daylight will require players to be wary of their surroundings and attentive to danger signs, as shown in a demo we saw at E3.

Announced in February of this year, Daylight is a procedurally generated horror game from Zombie Studios and Jessica Chobot of IGN fame. Players step into the role of a woman who wakes up in an abandoned asylum with no recollection of how she arrived there.

During the demo, the character awoke with only her cellphone to guide her. Games will only last as long as her cellphone battery does, an Atlus representative told us, which is typically about 45 minutes. Using the phone as both a compass and a source of light, the unnamed woman was able to proceed cautiously through the asylum. As she traveled, doors would slam shut or bar themselves, and thanks to the game's randomly generated aspect, playthroughs will always follow a new course.

The area we were shown included a curse door, or a door locked and marked by runes. To unlock curse doors, you'll need to find cursed idols that work as keys. These are everyday items such as a hairbrush, teddy bear or toy horse. During our playthrough, the first totem was a strange doll made of rags.

Unlocking doors isn't as easy as finding different totems, however. Players are unarmed, leaving them vulnerable to the hostile ghosts that lurk the halls. These malevolent beings have a pale, mist-like appearance when spotted far off, but are vicious and skeletal when confronted. Players can shake off ghosts by rapidly moving the control stick, but are unlikely to survive several encounters.

Although we were only shown the beginning of the asylum level before being killed by a ghost, future areas will take players outside the asylum and into the nearby forest, among other places, the representative told us.

Check out interview with Daylight's creators here. The game is expected to launch in early 2014 for PlayStation 4.

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