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The Castle Doctrine version 9 available now, designer talks about balance issues

Jason Roher, The Castle Doctrine's designer, rolled out version 9 for the massively multiplayer online burglary game, which will pull the title in-line with his original vision, according to the game's official blog.

In the blog post, Roher outlines how the game organically morphed into a puzzle title, rather than being a tactical game, writing "My original vision of a tactical, player-generated, Roguelike, every-cycling arms race was nowhere to be found, though." He also explains how version 8 became unbalanced through unforeseen in-game exploitations by players.

For example, a player created the first push-button combination lock, a "9-tile-thick walls protected the internal logic, and a robber would be faced with pressing the right subset of 16 buttons in order to pass through a 9-door-thick corridor to the vault." Then another player styled a 22-button combination lock with more than 4 million possible combinations. Finally, someone fashioned a combination-style lock for through an electric floor exploitation for only $1,400.

"Given that each player receives $2,000, for free, when they start from scratch after permadeath, this meant that unbreakable security was now available to even the least-wealthy players in the game," Roher wrote.

Version 9 introduces changes such as backpack purchases or sales can't be lost by jumping to security tapes, wire cutters can disable an electric floor that is off, security tapes for scouting trips now save where anything non-trivial happens and prices of cut-through and bypass tools have been increased. Full The Caste Doctrine change log details are outlined here.

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