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Banned Xbox One accounts will keep access to purchased games

Consumers who become banned from Xbox One services will still have access who according to a Reddit Games interview with Microsoft's director of programming Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb.

Submitted by Redditors, the Xbox One-centric questions with the most up votes were put forward to Hryb. He was asked "If someone is banned whether they are at fault or not, will they lose access to the games they purchased?" Hryb responded with "Absolutely not. You will always have access to the games that you purchased. Absolutely not." Host Chloe Dykstra asked what if they were banned for griefing, to which Hryb said "Well, then you don't have to add them to multiplayer."

Hryb was also asked if Xbox One games will still be playable if Xbox One servers shut down at the end of the generation's cycle. He responded that it is certainly something that Microsoft will not do and that is not the way the Xbox One system is designed.

The Xbox One will be available in November across 21 countries for $499 in the U.S, €499 in Europe and £429 in the U.K., Microsoft revealed during its E3 press briefing last week. The Xbox One was unveiled last month at a press conference in Redmond, Wash.. Earlier this month, Microsoft confirmed with Polygon that Xbox Live users will receive notifications when actions have been taken based on complaints they've registered.

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