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XCOM: Enemy Unknown coming to iOS this Thursday

XCOM: Enemy Unknown will launch for iOS this Thursday, June 20, Firaxis and 2K Games announced today.

Enemy Unknown will be available through the iTunes App Store for $19.99 for iPhone (4S and 5), iPad (mini, 2 and up) and iPod Touch (5th generation). The title is a complete port of the console original that has been optimized for touchscreen devices. The game includes support for Apple's GameCenter as well as cloud functionality, so users can play across multiple devices.

The companies noted that XCOM: Enemy Unknown's multiplayer mode is not included at launch, and will be added to the iOS version later as a free update.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown was announced for iOS during PAX East 2013. Firaxis' Jake Solomon told Polygon the iOS version will be a full port of the original AAA experience.

"The idea was to port the game fully," Solomon said. "The one exception we made was to the number of maps in the game, but we still have all the destructible environments, there's the fog of war — this is a full AAA game we're porting. It really is XCOM."

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