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Ghost Watch trailer shows off the variety of Japanese monsters secretly lurking in the world

A new trailer from Level-5 for its 3DS adventure Ghost Watch shows off just how many Japanese spirits, or youkai, are hiding in the world without young hero Keita ever realizing.

After meeting a ghost named Whisper, Keita is given a special watch which enables him to see the mythical beasts hidden in plain sight. The player uses the 3DS camera to "see" these spirits and catch them.

Once Keita has befriended a youkai, like the two-tailed nekomata shown in the trailer, he may accompany it into battle. The trailer shows the player rotating a wheel of six youkai to switch the active combatants, as well as interacting with the 3DS' touch screen to help his companions out.

Ghost Watch hits the 3DS in Japan on July 11, but no Western release date has yet been announced.

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