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Sony raises sales projections for PS4 after favorable E3 reception

Sony has raised internal sales projections for its upcoming PlayStation 4 console after the wave of positive feedback at E3 last week, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House shared the changes with the Journal, though he did not provide exact sales numbers. He did suggest, however, that the console may sell out at launch.

"Demand may well outstrip supply," said House.

"We're excited about the momentum," added Sony Computer Entertainment of America's CEO Jack Tretton.

Last week during Sony's E3 press conference, Tretton announced that the unlike the Xbox One, PS4 would have no restrictions on used games and would cost $399, $100 less than Microsoft's next-gen console. Vice president of Sony Worldwide Studios told Polygon that the policy and price tag were not made in response to Microsoft's plans for the Xbox One.

"I literally have goosebumps right now, because that was always our plan," Rohde told us. "[The policies are] something that we believe in."

Polygon has reached out to Sony for more details and will share more information as we have it.

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