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Akaneiro: Demon Hunters available through Steam Early Access

Akaneiro: Demon Hunters, Spicy Horse's action role-playing game take on Red Riding Hood set in feudal Japan, is available now for Windows PC, Mac and Linux through Steam Early Access.

Players can hop into the early version of the game for $9.99, and the developer will be introducing new features and soliciting player feedback on the way to its official release. The $9.99 Early Access Starter Pack grants players entry into the game as well as exclusive items like 25,000 worth of in game "Karma Shards" currency and several consumables that boost Critical Chance, Defense, Power and other stats.

"In order for Akaneiro to reach the potential we want for quality as well as reaching a broader audience, we have made the game free-to-play with in-game purchases available for players who have the means to support the developer," the developer wrote on the game's Steam page. "We deeply appreciate the purchases made to access Akaneiro on Early Access, and with this reason we have supplied over $30 [in] value to help you experience as much of the game as possible, including exclusive items. "

Akaneiro: Demon Hunters was released on Steam last Thursday. It reached its Kickstarter goal in February and was accepted through Steam Greenlight this past January. You can check out its free-to-play browser version at the game's official website.

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