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Incredipede on sale for half price on Steam, now free on Linux

Northway Games' Incredipede is on sale for half price on Steam for the next week, and the Linux version is now free on the game's website, the studio announced today.

The physics-based puzzle game, which was nominated for a 2013 Independent Games Festival award, is available on Windows PC, Mac and Linux. It regularly costs $9.99 on Steam, but the PC and Mac versions are available for $4.99 from today through June 24.

All three versions of Incredipede are more expensive if purchased through the game's website: It's on sale for $9.99 instead of $14.99, a 33 percent discount. But buying Incredipede there will net you a cross-platform DRM-free copy that is redeemable on Steam, and Northway Games will donate half the profits to two open-source projects that the studio says were "very important" in the making of the game: the development environment FlashDevelop, and the physics engine Box2D.

In addition, Northway Games is making the Linux version of Incredipede available as a free download from the game's site, and has included instructions to get it to run properly.

"I'm making it free because Linux users are such strong supporters of indie games and because I like Linux, and the philosophy behind it so much," said co-developer Colin Northway in an email to Polygon.

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