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Crytek to release tactical action game The Collectibles for iOS

Crytek plans to release The Collectibles, a tactical action game iOS title with Apple's MFi gaming controller framework support later this year, the company revealed during a session last week at WWDC.

In the demo, attended by 9 to 5, a developer commanded a squad of five soldiers through ravaged jungles. Players can either use a touch-based navigation and cover system, or use the D-pad and physical controller buttons.

At the WWDC keynote, Apple announced support in the software developer kit for made for iPhone game controllers (Made for iPhone), which will roll out later this year with iOS 7.

According to reports, Apple is working with both Logitech, MOGA and other manufactureres to supply controllers. Kotaku posted an image of a reported Logitech controller provided to them by sources.