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Thief gameplay video shows off 33-minutes of its next-gen mechanics on PS4

Developer Eidos Montreal has unveiled a 33-minute video presentation of its upcoming next-gen title Thief shown running on PlayStation 4.

As presented by producer Stefane Roy, the in-game footage takes place a number of hours into the game and introduces both the city environment mid-revolution and its ruler The Baron.

Roi emphasizes the importance of shadow in the game, which is a necessity for protagonist Garrett's stealth actions. Users are made aware of their visibility through a gem icon on the left-hand side of the UI. Similarly, sound can alert guards to your presence.

A new feature, Focus, increases Garrett's aiming ability when taking out enemies, while players can also make use of the environment to put them down. Oil patches, for example, can be targeted then set aflame using a fire arrow.

Check out our interview with Roy from last week's E3 where he describes the way Eidos Montreal hopes to steal back the stealth crown. Thief is slated to launch in 2014 for Windows PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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