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European 3DS owners reporting StreetPass crashes after latest system update

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European Nintendo 3DS owners are reporting crash issues with the handheld's StreetPass features after the latest system update, reports CVG.

System update 6.0.0-11U added four new games to the StreetPass Plaza, along with 99 new hats for Miis. Players who try to purchase these games, which are available individually for $6.50 (£4.49, €4.99) or in a four-pack for $19.50 (£13.49, €14.99), are encountering error messages and are unable to download them.

CVG reports that two of its staff members have witnessed the problem first-hand this morning, and tweets under the Twitter hashtag #StreetPass are reporting similar issues.

"We are aware of some reports of technical difficulties which are occurring and are currently investigating the situation," a representative for Nintendo UK told CVG when approached for comment.

The four new StreetPass games added with the update include side-scrolling shoot 'em up StreetPass Squad from Kirby's Epic Yarn studio Good Feel, StreetPass Garden from Ocarina of Time for 3DS developer Grezzo, Prope's StreetPass Battle and StreetPass Mansion, a murder mystery puzzler from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon developer Chunsoft. These are currently available in Europe and Japan.

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