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European 3DS owners reporting StreetPass crashes after latest system update

European Nintendo 3DS owners are reporting crash issues with the handheld's StreetPass features after the latest system update, reports CVG.

System update 6.0.0-11U added four new games to the StreetPass Plaza, along with 99 new hats for Miis. Players who try to purchase these games, which are available individually for $6.50 (£4.49, €4.99) or in a four-pack for $19.50 (£13.49, €14.99), are encountering error messages and are unable to download them.

CVG reports that two of its staff members have witnessed the problem first-hand this morning, and tweets under the Twitter hashtag #StreetPass are reporting similar issues.

"We are aware of some reports of technical difficulties which are occurring and are currently investigating the situation," a representative for Nintendo UK told CVG when approached for comment.

The four new StreetPass games added with the update include side-scrolling shoot 'em up StreetPass Squad from Kirby's Epic Yarn studio Good Feel, StreetPass Garden from Ocarina of Time for 3DS developer Grezzo, Prope's StreetPass Battle and StreetPass Mansion, a murder mystery puzzler from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon developer Chunsoft. These are currently available in Europe and Japan.

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