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Redditor builds four-player, six-button, Street Fighter-ready arcade cabinet

A deceptively named redditor called Idontusereddit created a four-player arcade box designed to be portable and connect to any TV, according to his post on Reddit.

The custom box runs the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator (MAME), software that recreates classic arcade games through software emulation, and the MaLa software front-end. Idontusereddit estimates the total cost between $300 and $400, with the caveat that "the biggest expense was all the hours of work. Took way more than I planned."

Despite the general lack of four-player games, he included four controllers because he wanted "one build to rule them all." Two of the four controllers have six buttons, and each is set in a "straight/squared" button layout, as another redditor asking about the layout pointed out.

"Works great for me," Idontusereddit wrote. "The only game I could think of that uses all 6 buttons is Street Fighter, so I went with that. Honestly, I don't think it matters too much, you'll get used to whatever quickly, especially since most games just use one or two buttons.

You can check out the inside and outside of the custom cabinet in the gallery below. For those who're interested in building their own custom cabinets, Idontusereddit recommends the information available in the Arcade Controls forums.

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