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Mobile Watch List - 9th Dawn, Dead Ahead and Quadropus Rampage

We're back from E3, loaded down with mobile gaming recommendations!

9th Dawn (iOS / Android)

This old school-styled RPG has been on Android for a while now, but it finally has made the jump to iOS. Not for the faint of heart, you're liable to die very, very quickly. But hey, that's what old school RPGs are all about.

Dead Ahead (iOS)

It's tough to get ahead of the pack of forever runners on the App Store, but Dead Ahead does a fine job of it, thanks to a unique art style and really, really good gas milage (scooters!). Free-to-play, but the ads are disabled by a buck, which makes this a pretty good deal.

Quadropus Rampage (iOS / Android)

What exactly is a quadropus? A four-legged octopus ... probably! But that's not really important. What is important is this game, a roguelike action RPG that starts you off with a tennis racket and sends you into the depths of the ocean. Controls are a bit finicky, but it's quite fun otherwise.

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