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PlayStation 3 firmware v4.45 released, reportedly locking up some systems (update: Sony working on fix)

A new software update for PlayStation 3 went live earlier today, adding the option to let owners of the console turn off Trophy notifications and promising "improved system stability." The new update, version 4.45 of the PS3's system software, is also causing trouble for some users.

Immediately following the update, some PlayStation 3 owners took to the official PlayStation forums seeking help for the issue. Some PS3 owners are reporting that the new software update makes it impossible to load the system's XMB, hanging on the waving ribbon at boot up.

While the issue appears widespread, it does not appear to be universal.

Polygon has reached out to Sony Computer Entertainment America seeking information and an update on the situation.

Update: Sony confirmed with BBC News that the company is aware of the issue, which it said is affecting a "small number" of PS3s globally, and is currently investigating a fix.

Sony also asked that PS3 users not try to fix the issues on their own, as a new downloadable system update and more instructions are on the way.

Update 2: Sony has posted an FAQ on the PlayStation forums about the problems with version 4.45, and will update the thread with new information when it's available.

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