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PS4 interface video shows the console's evolution into a social networking hub

Sony's latest PlayStation 4 video offers a look at what users can expect from the new console's interface, including social networking-style features, video chats, and various download options.

PS4 owners will be able to share tips on how to beat sections of games by uploading videos directly from their account. More interesting than that, the video suggests it will be possible to download Killzone: Shadow Fall directly through the console, allowing players to choose whether to download single player or multiplayer modes first in order to access the title faster. It is unknown whether this feature will be available for all games.

Messages from friends are also shown popping up in-game, while the PS4 messaging system is now upgraded to allow mobile phone-styled auto-insert words. PS4 owners can also check out videos and send messages to friends, and begin console downloads via their cell phones.

Sony's PlayStation 4 is scheduled to release later this year for $399. Check out our in-depth coverage of the upcoming PS4 from this year's E3.

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