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Destiny will have private loot streams, all weapons 'meant for your character'

Loot and weapons in Destiny will be distributed through private streams, meaning that every player will find weapons suited to their class without competing with teammates, according to Bungie COO Pete Parsons.

Speaking with Polygon at E3 last week, Parsons said Destiny players working together won't have to fight over weapons dropped by enemies and will have the opportunity to claim all weapons them for themselves.

"We have a set number of weapons [and we] balance each and every one of them, including all of [the] achievements, it's just a huge amount of work," Parsons said. "That number will continue to grow, and we also have exotics on top of that.

"We want everybody to be excited to come in and play, so we have private loot streams, which means everything in Destiny is meant for your character," he explained. "You're not fighting over weapons as they drop from enemies and it gives you a really good reason to go back to places you've already been before.

"Maybe I've been playing Destiny for a long time and you've only been playing for a few hours; there's a still a reason for us to go back and play together and we'll still get something great out of it."

Parsons added that loot follows a ranked system, and players will be able to build and grow their weapons and armor over time. The team at Bungie has been working hard to make each weapon special, he said, and to create interesting character and weapons classes that players will be able to dig deep into.

"You're still going to have to make active choices about how many weapons you can carry, and what is my character class, what are the weapons I'm going to use," Parsons explained. "So far it's been working really well. We're still a long ways out, but we're playing it every day."

Check out Polygon's full video interview with Parsons, as well as chats with Infinity Ward's Mark Rubin and Remedy Entertainment's Sam Lake, here.

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