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GameStick shipments delayed one month to August for UI feedback

Shipments for GameStick, PlayJam's diminutive Android-based micro-console, have been delayed a month and are now expected to ship in early August, according to a post yesterday on the device's Kickstarter blog.

The device's second delay is necessary, its creators wrote, to ensure that Kickstarter backers are able to provide input on the GameStick's final user interface.

"In the spirit of Kickstarter it would be disingenuous of us to cut out this process and not give those backers the opportunity to comment on and help perfect the UI prior to completion," the post reads. "We have therefore taken the decision to push back the whole project by one month to ensure we can fit this process in. We appreciate that this will frustrate backers keen to get their hands on their device but we did not feel it was fair to bypass this step as it was a key pledge and the feedback will be really welcome. We now expect to ship product from China during early August and expect it to be with you by the middle of the month, prior to units launching in retail."

PlayJam has been soliciting feedback throughout the console's development. After s development kits began shipping earlier this year, feedback led to tweaks to the controller's buttons and analog stick.

To learn more about the mini-console, be sure to check out Polygon's recent hands-on report. You can also check out a video above, which was posted on the Kickstarter blog today and shows the device's tooling process.

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