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Frontiers IndieGoGo campaign shuttered, relaunches on Kickstarter

Funding efforts for Frontiers, an exploration and survival game from indie developer Lars Simkins, relaunched via Kickstarter following developer dissatisfaction with the game's IndieGoGo campaign.

Simkins detailed his reasons for leaving IndieGoGo on his blog. According to his post, IndieGoGo had offered to help Simkins "tweak the campaign for success" and take a hands-on approach to spread media exposure. Although the organization did help Simkins adjust his campaign, IndieGoGo's apparent efforts to help spread word about Frontiers were mostly unsuccessful. According to Simkins, even being featured in a weekly IndieGoGo roundup only resulted in "half a dozen contributions over the course of 24 hours."

"I'm not saying IGG didn't try — I believe they did," Simkins wrote. "But not trying and not succeeding both have the same outcome for the campaign."

Simkins added that the platform "doesn't have a substantive gaming audience, plain and simple." Other titles, including Lab Zero Games' Skullgirls, have found success through IndieGoGo.

The Frontiers Kickstarter campaign, which launched June 17, is currently asking for $50,000 in funding. The campaign has already raised more than half of its goal with the help of 700 backers.

Funding will come to an end July 17. If successful, the game will launch for Windows PC, Mac and Linux. Check out our interview with Simkins for more information about Frontiers.

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