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Indie Royale’s Hammerhead Bundle offers Primordia, Richard and Alice

Indie Royale's latest package of independently developed games, the Hammerhead Bundle, gives buyers the chance to pick up titles such as Primordia and Richard and Alice at pay-what-you-want prices.

Both Primordia and Richard and Alice are point-and-click adventure games. Primordia stars Horatio, a robot who roams the world long after man has long ceased to exist. Richard and Alice, created by Owl Cave, traces the past and present of the game's titular characters in prison.

The bundle's full roster also includes Pressure, a steampunk platform racer with shooter elements; Dark Vale Games' player vs. player-centric title, Forge; combat racing game Gas Guzzlers: Combat Carnage; and one yet-to-be-revealed title. All currently known titles are available only for Windows PC, whether through Steam or Desura. Check out the trailer above to see each game.

At the time of this posting, more than 7,000 bundles have already been purchased. The current minimum is $5.67, and those who pay $8 or more will receive bonus album It's Not Great by Chicago artist My Ok BBS. The 16-track album is available separately for $6.

Indie Royale's sale ends June 6.

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