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MIT Game Lab releases OpenRelativity toolkit to the public

OpenRelativity, the open-source toolkit used to develop first-person object collector A Slower Speed of Light, is now available for all to download, MIT Game Lab announced.

The toolkit was developed by MIT Game Lab and is intended for use by game developers, educators and those interested in physics. OpenRelativity can simulate time dilation of moving objects, relativisitic Doppler shift of objects as they move relative to the camera and more.

In the video above, programmer Zach Sherin and producer and designer Sonny Sidhu explain the purpose of the physics-heavy toolkit.

"OpenRelativity is more than a tool for making accurate physical simulations," Sidhu said. "At its core, it's a system that enables a fluid warping of a game world in response to real-time player movements within that world."

The download and instructions on how to use the toolkit are available on GitHub.

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