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Arkedo Studio’s former creative director announces new game, Poof

Former Arkedo Studio co-founder and creative director Aurelien Regard announced his new upcoming game, Poof, via his website.

According to Regard, Poof has been in development since before the end of Arkedo and will be published by Neko Entertainment for Windows PC, Mac and Linux. Few details about the game are currently known. Regard called Poof a mix of elements from titles such as Super Crate Box and Orcs Must Die, but "very difficult and fast."

"This is what Poof is: hectic and very strategic at the same time," Regard wrote. "At first sight, because we wanted it very readable, it could look like a casual iPad game. Trust me, it's so not."

Regard added that he will not get any money from it, but simply wants to see the game released.

"I just felt how it was such a shame to have a game nearly done and maybe forgotten forever in an old computer with no one actually playing it," he wrote.

Earlier this year, Arkedo announced that it no longer had employees and would not make games, but would not shut down. At the time, the developer listed a lack of funds, no follow-up project and a desire to work on different projects as the reasons for vacating.

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