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Lightning Returns producer compares the game's management systems to Dark Souls

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 will feature some new elements with a level of "severity" comparable to that of From Software's Dark Souls, according to producer Yoshinori Kitase.

Speaking with Famitsu, Kitase said that some systems — including the game's inventory management mechanics — will require players to stay on their toes and carefully budget their items and cash.

"If I were to describe the gameplay, I would say there are some elements [in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13] with the severity of [a game like] Dark Souls," he said.

Kitase, along with director Motomu Toriyama, said that despite the game giving players a "higher degree of freedom" than the previous two Final Fantasy 13 titles, players will have to be careful not to squander resources. Lightning can carry a limited number of items and there are no options to add more slots as the game progresses. Furthermore, combat will not reward Lightning with experience points or money, and healing must be done in inns. Toriyama cautioned that players may want to hold off on this option unless they absolutely need it.

"In [Lightning Returns], thinking economically is very important!" Toriyama said.

The developers also added that the previously announced 13-day in-game time limit is only the maximum amount of time players can have; the game begins with a seven-day limit, and players must complete quests and missions to earn themselves the full 13 days.

Lightning Returns will launch in Japan on Nov. 21 and in North America on Feb. 11, 2014 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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