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Wicked Paradise designed as an 'adult version of Heavy Rain,' aims to cross uncanny valley

Erotic Oculus Rift game Wicked Paradise aims to cross the line into the uncanny valley and use storytelling methods similar to an "adult version of Heavy Rain," developer Jeroen Van den Bosch told PCGamesN.

"Our goal is to cross uncanny valley so we are using the most advanced techniques from the videogame and movie industry in order to get the characters and environments as realistic as possible," said Van den Bosch.

"Storyline is very important for us, we want to generate erotic tension between the player and the virtual characters," he added. "You need a solid storyline in order to achieve that. It will be a modern day setting, I think the best way to describe is like an adult version of Heavy Rain but completely designed for virtual reality."

Van den Bosch said his desire to make erotic virtual reality games stems from what he feels is a lack of "well-designed" adult titles on the market and his desire to create an immersive title using the Oculus Rift.

"Firstly, I always found it intriguing that there are so many beautifully crafted shooter games on the market, but not a single, well-designed adult videogame, so I always had this idea of creating a high quality adult video game," he said. "Secondly, I had the chance to test a very early prototype of the Oculus Rift last summer and it blew me away. I immediately realized that Virtual Reality is the perfect medium for a highly immersive adult videogame."

The developer also added that while the episodic game's currently in-development story is from a straight male perspective, there are plans to make different experiences tailored to different sexualities. He said inquiries sent to the team regarding Wicked Paradise have largely come from women.

"It's our intention to also create mature virtual reality experiences from a female [point of view] as well as experiences for the LGBT demographic," he said.

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