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Titanfall behind-the-scenes video discusses two types of gameplay and agile giant robots

Respawn has released a high-quality version of its Titanfall behind-the-scenes developer diary video that premiered at Microsoft's Xbox press event at E3 earlier this month.

In the video, a number of Respawn developers discuss what makes their game unique for a multiplayer shooter. The game was designed to take into account two very different styles of play, from the on-foot combat as a human pilot to the battles between giant Titan mechs. Some of the best moments in gameplay, the developers found, were actually the parts where pilots and Titans faced off in a vast difference of scales.

The game's levels had to be designed to both facilitate battle between Titans and also provide ways for the pilots to interact with the robots in acrobatic ways like wall-running.

Titanfall will be coming to Xbox 360, Xbox One and Windows PC at some point in 2014.

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