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Gree launches hardcore strategy MMO War of Nations on iOS

War of Nations out now

Global mobile social gaming network Gree launched a hardcore massively-multiplayer online game, War of Nations, for iOS devices today.

According to the developer, War of Nations is Gree's first game geared toward hardcore players — it supports up to tens of thousands of players in a massive persistent world and requires players to engage in strategic planning and execution in order to win.

The game features many elements drawns from traditional military strategy games, like the ability to build and train armies, establish military bases, harvest resources, research technologies and battle enemies. When it comes time to battle, players will have to strategically plan their approach and their army formations, decide which commander will lead the charge and observe their opponent's movements as well. On the flipside, players will also have to defend their own bases from merciless enemies who might align themselves with other armies to swarm a base.

"In developing the game, we took into consideration how hardcore players could play a game on mobile," said Ken Chiu, Gree's SVP of social games. "The goal was to blend strategy and decision making in a hardcore gaming experience with the approachability and 'pick-up and play' characteristics of mobile games without compromising depth."

War of Nations is now available for free on the iTunes App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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