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Sunset Overdrive will expand from a 'two-way conversation' between Insomniac and players, CEO says

Sunset Overdrive, Insomniac Games' upcoming open-world action game headed to Xbox One, is designed to expand from a "two-way conversation" between Insomniac and players, president and CEO Ted Price said during a video Q&A broadcast on today.

Insomniac plans to provide the game with a stream of updates, which will evolve in part from those conversations, Price said, so that the developer can learn what players would like to see in the game and respond to their needs.

It's the power of the next-generation hardware that will allow Insomniac to do this, Price said.

"I think part of the excitement for us here is that, as we move into this next generation, we know that people are more and more connected with each other and want to have more communication with the folks who are making the game," said Ted Price, president and CEO. "And when we look at the new tech coming down the road, it gives us that chance.

"On this generation, we've actually been practically restrained from making frequent updates to our games and having that conversation with our players simply because when you release content on a console, you actually have to jump through a lot of hoops to get it out there, and it's very, very difficult — if not impossible — to respond immediately to what you see going on in the game."

You can watch the full stream on Insomniac's channel. For more on Sunset Overdrive, be sure to check out Polygon's interview with Price from E3 2013.