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Watch Dogs multiplayer video shows off hacker hunting

Watch Dogs gameplay footage has reared its head online, offering a closer look at what players can expect from the game's multiplayer hacking feature.

The footage, which originally appeared on the official Ubisoft YouTube channel before being deleted, shows protagonist Aiden in search of a hacker. The latter character is under the control of an online player who is tasked with remaining hidden as he hacks in-game information of Aiden.

As was previously announced, Watch Dogs will also feature a companion app that allows the app-user to access a map-view of the game and aid the player during combat.

The game's hacking mechanics were featured during Late Night with Jimmy Fallon earlier in the week.

Update: A Ubisoft representative reached out to us to clarify that the footage is not a leak, but from a B-roll clip posted to their press site during E3. We apologize for the error in sourcing.

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