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Sony keeping existing business model for PS4 to keep from harming 'fragile' UK market

Sony will keep its existing business models for its home consoles so as not to disrupt what it believes is a "fragile" U.K. retail market, reports MCVUK.

The business model for the PlayStation 4 will be similar to that of the PlayStation 3: the console will play used games without restrictions.

"We understand the importance of used games for consumers and retail," Sony Computer Entertainment Europe boss Jim Ryan told MCVUK. "We think the current model works and it should not be tampered with."The retail ecosystem is rather fragile," he added. "It's consumers that have driven the decision. But equally, trying to shore up a very fragile ecosystem in the retail area is something we are quite happy to do."

Ryan expressed hope that the launch of the PS4 this fall wil boost U.K. PlayStation console sales. Currently the console has fallen behind Microsoft's Xbox 360 in sales, he said.

"We have the building blocks in place, I hope, to make a step change in the U.K.," Ryan said. "Because over the course of the cycle I don't think we got it quite right in the UK. We now have a number of things in place to help address that. And PlayStation 4 is hopefully the time all those things come together.

"PS4 is going to be a proper PlayStation marketing launch," he added. "In the U.K., [managing director] Fergal [Gara], [marketing director] Murray [Pannell] and the team have been given their orders to go out and do a bang up job. And we will be investing accordingly."

During Sony's E3 keynote last week, the company announced the PS4 will have no restrictions on playing and trading used games.

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