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Square Enix makes leadership changes to all studios, new AAA Hitman project in development

Square Enix has made a number of changes to the leadership at its subsidiary studios as a part of its ongoing company-wide shift, Square Enix announced today.

According to a statement sent to press, Darrell Gallagher, former head of Crystal Dynamics, has been named head of studios for Square Enix's North American and European operations. Gallagher will retain his role at Crystal Dynamics "for the immediate future," and will be working directly with other regional studios to help further the company's "ongoing portfolio strategy."

Eidos-Montreal has also named David Anfossi as its new studio head. Anfossi served as executive producer on cyberpunk action game Deus Ex: Human Revolution. He will oversee development on the Thief reboot, announced earlier this year, as well as two in-development unannounced projects.

Square Enix's Montreal studio will shift its focus to mobile development, with an emphasis on tablets. Patrick Naud, the studio's current assistant director, will step into the studio's central leadership role. The developer will also focus on games related to the Hitman franchise, and will eventually take on other products outside of the brand.

IO Interactive has also undergone leadership changes, and has appointed production director Hannes Seifert as its full-time studio head. The studio is currently focused on a new AAA Hitman project, which is in pre-production.

"Our focus remains firmly set on making great games and delivering unforgettable experiences," CEO of Square Enix America and Europe Phil Rogers said in a statement. "Whilst our games will come in different shapes and sizes, we want to deliver them faster and better and we believe these changes will help our studios achieve just that."

Square Enix's internal restructuring began late last year with layoffs at its Los Angeles office. In March, after reporting an "extraordinary loss" in its recent financial report, company CEO Yoichi Wada resigned. The LA office was hit with another round of layoffs the following month, and in late April employees were let go from the company's European headquarters. Last month, just a few weeks before E3, Square Enix of North America's president Mike Fisher also stepped down.