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Joe Danger set for June 24 Steam release with TF2 cast and Minecraft level editor

Developer Hello Games will release Joe Danger and Joe Danger 2: The Movie on Steam June 24, and the latter will include features not available in other versions: the cast of Team Fortress 2 and a Minecraft level editor.

Hello Games' founder Sean Murray told Polygon that the Team Fortress 2 integration grew from a recent studio infatuation with Valve's multiplayer shooter. Murray said that the team has "clocked up over 4,000 hours in it between us and have so many hats."

As an homage to the game that took over the office, the developers started adding Team Fortress 2 characters and called Valve to get its official blessing. The entire cast will be included as playable characters, and they'll also make appearances in Challenge Mode.

Swept up in the mod spirit, Hello Games had another idea.

"I guess that went to our heads?" Murray wrote. "We imagined how cool it would be to ride through Minecraft environments, so we talked to our friends at Mojang. And now that's happening too — in Joe Danger you can build Minecraft levels. It started as an environment ... then became props ... then characters. Since we have an editor, all the cubes, and Steam Workshop — it means you can pretty much build anything too!"

Murray seems equal parts giddy and grateful about the additions the PC version will include, and he credits that to the new platform's strengths.

"It makes me giggle," he wrote. "I'm just such a huge fan that it feels silly to be working with these games. Joe Danger has transported to some sort of alternate world where he gets to hang out with the big boys. Only on PC would this be so easy, from concept to chatting to devs to reality in the last two weeks.

"I still can't quite get over how happy PC devs are to share and collaborate. It's made releasing Joe Danger on PC such brilliant fun."

You can check out the integration in the screenshots and trailer above. For more on how Joe Danger made its way to iOS earlier this year, be sure to read our interview with Murray.