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Company of Heroes 2 dev diary explores the single-player campaign

In a video released today by Relic Entertainment, developers on Company of Heroes 2 discuss the single-player campaign that lets players take command of the fierce fighting on World War II's Eastern Front.

Players will command actual historical battles like the grueling siege of Stalingrad, the fight for Leningrad, and the final push to Berlin, say the developers. "We base our story on history. There's a number of characters that we've kind of composited into ours. We're really trying to get their experiences across and portray the horror and terror of World War II in a way that is sensitive but unflinching."

The single-player campaign will feature more variety than that in Company of Heroes, say the developers, including levels where you assault a medieval castle with modern weaponry or lead a small group of snipers.

The game will place the burden of command on players' shoulders, asking them to make difficult choices like whether or not to destroy a bridge to stop an enemy advance while your own soldiers are on the other side.

Company of Heroes 2 hits Windows PC on June 25.

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