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Science project Pong game is controlled by brain power

A science student has created a Pong game that allows players to control moving paddles using only their minds.

David Schwarz, a Duke Ph.D. student, created the Pong game as part of a project to excite students attending a summer science camp. He works with Dr. Miguel Nicolelis, a specialist in utilizing brain activity to interface with computers and robots.

I think this is like the coolest thing ever

Players wear a special headgear fitted with electrodes. They begin playing the game by using nods and blinks. Many then graduate to complete use of their minds. In a report from North Carolina's The News & Observer, one research assistant claimed to have played the game this way non-stop "for like an hour and a half".

"I think this is like the coolest thing ever," said student-camper Sam Murphy, age 14. "I'm just thinking about it, and it's going up."

Polygon recently reported on a game called Throw Trucks With Your Mind, which uses standard controls mixed with brain concentration spikes that are used to add power to throwing in-game projectiles. The harder players focus, the further they can throw the trucks.

Schwarz wants to use the Pong demo to show how games can be used to teach. "It's supposed to be fun, first and foremost," he said.

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