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Prison Architect is Introversion’s most successful project to date

Prison Architect, Introversion's prison-management simulator, is the developer's most financially successful project "without a shadow of a doubt," co-founder Mark Morris said during a panel at Rezzed 2013.

Prison Architect has not yet been released in its full form, but currently operates through a paid alpha model. The alpha still contains bugs and glitches, but allows players to give feedback during the development process.

"It's wonderful for us as we've never previously released a game that we were happy with — it always took us another six months to get to where we wanted to be on version one," Morris said. "With PA, because of the way the model is working, we are definitely able to take the correct amount of time to deliver the version of Prison Architect that we want to give to the world."

Prison Architect is currently available for Windows PC, Mac and Linux for $29.99 via Steam Early Access and $30 on the developer's website.

You can watch the full talk from Rezzed, a gaming event that focuses on PC and indie games, below. Morris spoke alongside Introversion co-founder Chris Delay and developers Paul Taylor, Chris Avellone and Ragnar Tornquist during the "How can new business models improve PC gaming?" panel.

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