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Duke’s neuroscience technology gives students the power to play Pong with their minds

Duke University is currently working on neuroscience-based technology that gives people the ability to control and play arcade game Pong with their minds, News Observer reports.

By wearing wireless electrode caps, the device is able to capture the electrical energy emitted by neurons in the user's brain. That energy can then be used to move paddles in Pong. Some users nod their heads or blink their eyes to control the onscreen paddles, while others can do so by remaining completely motionless.

According to senior research scientist Dr. Laura Oliveira, the ultimate goal is to give paralyzed people the ability to "recover independence." The lab is working to give a paralyzed person mental control of an exoskeleton that would allow her to deliver the opening kickoff at next year's soccer World Cup.

You can read the full story over at News Observer.

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