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Garry's Mod creators release free alpha of Rust, an open-world survival game

The latest game from Facepunch Studios, the developers behind Garry's Mod, is an open-world survival game called Rust and is now available as a free alpha download.

According to according to the developer's official website, Rust began as a DayZ clone, but then the developers became sick of fighting zombies and "can't compete with the Arma island in terms of landmarks and towns." Rust then evolved into "more of a STALKER kind of world" where players can construct their own buildings. According to the developer, this allows them to introduce mutants, wolves "and whatever" to the world; however, the biggest threat to players are other players.

"One of our main aims with Rust is to not control how people behave directly," wrote Facepunch Studios' Garry Newman. "For example some people want us to implement something to discourage people killing each other. Some kind of rating. Or turn killers red to warm you they can't be trusted.

"I hate that. It's not giving the players freedom. The players should decide how they play the game. You should be fearful of others. That is the whole point," he wrote.

The team hopes to see Rust released on Steam at some point in the future, but the game is going to remain on the web for the time being because it is easier to update. For information on Rust and its gameplay, watch the quick look above.

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