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Lionhead's teamwork may produce surprises after Molyneux, designer says

The future of Lionhead Studios, the U.K.-based developer behind the Fable franchise, is "about the team, and it's about all working together," designer Ted Timmins told The Dead Hamster.

Lionhead was founded in 1997, and Peter Molyneux served as its creative director until his departure in March 2012. Without any "discredit to Peter in any way," Timmins said that the post-Molyneux era will be defined by a more team-based approach that could surprise players.

"I think with Lionhead 2.0, one of the biggest things is that it's going to be about the team," he said, "and it's about all working together, all having a voice, all having a say and creating the games that we want to create, and I think that's a really exciting prospect for the future of the studio given that we're all massive Fable fans and fans of other games. We're working on so many different projects right now, or let's say incubation projects as we call them. You guys might be surprised with what we come up with in the future."

Lionhead's next game, a high-definition remake of the original Fable called Fable Anniversary, is headed to Xbox 360 this holiday season. Be sure to check out Polygon's recent interview with Timmins to learn more about the game, its fidelity to the original and the new features it will incorporate.

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