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Mobile Watch List — XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Maximus and Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage

A long-awaited port arrives on mobile devices.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown (iOS)

The moment XCOM: Enemy Unknown was announced, there was a crowd of people calling for its release on a touch device. That crowd should be officially sated, thanks to the rather excellent iOS port of the game. The $20 pricetag may be a bit steep for a mobile game, but for dozens of hours of gameplay, it's hard to complain. Excellent touch controls make it an even more worthwhile purchase. Just keep in mind that it may have trouble running on older devices.

Maximus (iOS)

Dig games like Castle Crashers? Maximus offers up a similar vibe, albeit with a slightly more rough-around-the-edges art style. Hack and slash your way through orcs, trolls and warrior maidens, the game is aided by solid controls and a forgiving free-to-play upgrade system.

Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage (iOS)

Published with the help of Rovio, Nitrome's Icebreaker blends Cut the Rope with Angry Birds and tosses in some vikings for good measure. The SNES-style art and amusing storyline make it quite an enjoyable experience.

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