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Apple in-app purchase settlement claims website goes live

The official website providing support for a class action settlement from Apple for those who claim that a minor bought in-game items without their knowledge or permission went live recently.

In February, Apple proposed a settlement that would see it offering iTunes Store Credit where minors have spent more than $5 through "bait apps" and a cash refund if minors spent more than $30. Bait apps are considered to be free apps and games with real-world money charges for in-game currency and items.

Through the website, claimants can search for qualified apps, make a claim, view claim form instructions and FAQs. Qualified apps include those in the games category with an age rating of 4+, 9+ or 12+ that offer in-app purchases of consumable game currency. Claimants have until Jan. 13, 2014 to submit a claim.

To be eligible, minors must have charged a claimants iTunes account without their knowledge or permission; not have already received a refund from Apple; and not have knowingly entered their iTunes password or provided the password to the minor to make the purchases.

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